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SONCO Event & Construction Rentals is a trusted provider of crowd control barriers, temporary fence, traffic safety equipment, and other quality rental supplies. We have been efficiently securing job sites and events of all sizes for over 40 years. Our rental installers have the longest average tenure with one company of any installers in the industry, and our seasoned account managers are highly-experienced at helping clients select the rental supplies best-suited to their needs. Learn More About SONCO


About us

About us

Sonco Head officeSoncoStore.com (former SoncoBarricades.com) is part of the Sonco Worldwide group founded by Sonny Long in 1976, in Bladensburg, MD (just outside Washington, DC). We started as a material distributor for fence contractors in the metropolitan area. In the early 1980’s we expanded into manufacturing, weaving our own chain link and distributing crowd and traffic safety products.

A few years later, Sonco added crowd control and traffic safety products to its rental and sales portfolio. This created new opportunities in the construction and event space. As a result of this explosive growth, Sonco opened additional branches across the U.S. and began supplying and shipping nationwide.

In January 2014, at the age of 84, Sonny Long and his sons Bobby and Tim, who played major roles in building Sonco, sold the company to Stephen Greer. Greer is a young entrepreneur with a proven track record in the industry. He built his last company, Hartwell Pacific Limited, to over $300 million in sales.

In June 2016 Sonco's new webstore was officially launched. In an effort to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations, we built an attractive and effective online platform to help our clients efficiently shop, discover and compare products. It complements our reputation for world-class customer service, proudly earned by making your safety our business. Most importantly, with over 40 years in the business, we’ve never forgotten what is most important - customer service.

Our staff is here to serve you. We strive to create value by giving our clients access to our expert knowledge of the industry. Structured to handle every type of project, large and small, we are staffed by experienced professionals in the Construction and Events Industries. Our guarantee is that you will have a professional who understands what you need, to guide you through the process. Give us a call now to learn how to we can start adding value to your business today!

“We design, source, and manufacture nearly everything we offer. It’s the only way we can ensure that every product we offer is reliable, durable and exceptional.”Steve Greer- Sonco CEO

Steve Greer- Sonco CEO

 Why should you choose to work with Sonco?

Sonco Guarantee


We know that thorough quality control is of the highest importance to our customers. Checking a few samples after a production run is not good enough. At Sonco we use most of the products we sell in our rental division where they need to stand to a lot of abuse, meaning that we make sure each and every product is durable.

Computer Aided Barricade Designs


Once we are happy with a design, we sit down with our team of designers who bring our creations to life in 3D with the latest computer-aided design software (CAD). This way we can double check our measurements, iron out any possible issues and get a real feel for how our products will function in the real world.

prototype and sampling


Sonco has a team of experts ready to help you design a customized product in case there is a need for your application. Our design team goes through the plans with the engineers who will make the real product. All aspects are discussed and checked to ensure everyone involved is working towards achieving the same vision.

Quality Material


You can’t make excellent quality products without using high-grade materials. This is why we source products from trusted partners who share our passion for excellence. Every raw material used, from steel to plastic or rubber, is fully inspected once it arrives before any fabrication can begin.

Product Finishing


Once the process of production is completed, a thorough inspection takes place to ensure the product meets specifications.

Product Packing


Once the products are looking fantastic and ready for delivery, we need to keep then that way until they reach the customer. Also, our client dashboard we keep posted on your order.

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