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About us

SONCO Event & Construction Rentals is a trusted provider of crowd control barriers, temporary fence, traffic safety equipment, and other quality rental supplies. We have been efficiently securing job sites and events of all sizes for over 40 years. Our rental installers have the longest average tenure with one company of any installers in the industry, and our seasoned account managers are highly-experienced at helping clients select the rental supplies best-suited to their needs. Learn More About SONCO


SONCO Event & Construction Rentals now offers in-house graphic design and custom-printing services to help you capitalize on your equipment rentals. Promote your business, events, sponsors, and more on a range of customizable products that pair perfectly with our rental supplies. Choose from full-color custom fence screen, barricade covers, stage scrims, unique outdoor displays like custom ad flags and branded pop-up tents, and customizable directional, compliance and OSHA safety signs. Use these tools to monetize rental equipment by turning it into invaluable ad space that you can use to build your brand or advertise sponsors to offset rental costs.
Once you’ve selected the rental supplies and custom-print products you want to order, email us your graphics files or contact us for assistance from our graphic design team. We’ll send you a free proof of each custom product you order to approve before we bill you, so you can see how your designs will look on our customizable products. Best of all, if it’s your first time buying custom-print items when renting construction and event supplies, you’ll save 35% on your order!
Learn more about our customization process below, explore our selection of custom-printed products, then request a quote online or call 888-766-2618 with questions or to place an order.


After you request a quote and send us your graphics file(s), we’ll review your designs for image quality, resolution and proportion to the customizable products you’ve selected. We will contact you if we have any concerns. For instance, if your image resolution is too low to ensure quality printing when scaled for printing, we’ll call to discuss your options.
Next, we’ll prepare free proof previews for you to approve (examples below). Proofs ensure that you like the way your graphics layout on your custom-printed items and give you the opportunity to double-check the accuracy of any phone numbers, web addresses and other content included in your designs. We will not charge your credit card or bill you for your order before you approve your proofs.



Our designers will review each graphics file you send us to verify colors, image resolution and suitability for large-scale printing; layout your designs on our product templates; render files for proper output, as needed; and create and send you free proofs to review and approve. If you have any edits, we’ll make your changes and send you a second round of free proofs. Please note that a small fee may apply if you require additional modifications after reviewing your second set of free proofs or if your graphics files do not meet the minimum requirements outlined below.


Ideally, your designs should be created as vector images using Adobe Illustrator (.ai files), Adobe PhotoShop (.psd files) or CorelDRAW (.cdr files) or rendered in .eps or .tiff formats with transparent backgrounds. We can work with graphics created using Adobe CS2 or below and CorelDRAW 12 or below. Vector files must meet the following minimum requirements to ensure quality printing:
•Acceptable file formats include:
- Files with a .ai, .psd or .cdr extension (preferred); or,
- Images rendered as .eps or .tiff files, ideally with transparent backgrounds.
•Graphics must either be designed:
- Proportionate to the size of the products on which they’ll be printed (1:1 ratio) and with a minimum resolution of 100 DPI (Dots Per Inch); or,
- With a minimum resolution of 300 DPI so we can size the design to the product without degrading the print quality. The higher the image resolution (DPI), the sharper your printed designs will look.
•Vector images must be in CMYK format (CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).

Raster Image File Requirements:

We can only accept rasterized images (bitmap files) in .jpg, .gif or .png format that meet the minimum requirements below. Please note that PNG files with transparent backgrounds are the best form of raster images for printing, particularly on colored materials like solid blue or green fence screen.

• The minimum resolution for graphics that are designed to fit the products on which they’ll be printed (1:1 ratio) is 100 DPI (Dots Per Inch).
• Graphics not designed proportionately to the products on which they’ll be printed (ex. 1:3 ratio) must have a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. The higher the DPI, the sharper the printed images will be.
• The files must use CMYK colors.

Note About Colors: If you have critical color requirements, please provide us with the Pantone colors or a printed sample. You can search for Pantone colors at www.pantone.com. Alternatively, you can request a sample to review instead of a digital proof preview.


Our graphics team is available to help you design a logo to promote your business and build brand awareness. We’ll design your logo in a format that will allow you to print it on any of our customizable products, your business cards, company letterhead, or any other promotional tools you want to use. Call or email us to discuss your logo design needs and request a custom quote.


Our graphics team is also available to help you update, size or convert the file format of your logo or to design high-resolution images for your custom-printed order. We will work closely with you to design graphics that send the right message to your target audience. Since every graphic design project is unique, we will need to speak to you about your needs before providing you with a custom quote for our design services.

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