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SONCO Event & Construction Rentals is a trusted provider of crowd control barriers, temporary fence, traffic safety equipment, and other quality rental supplies. We have been efficiently securing job sites and events of all sizes for over 40 years. Our rental installers have the longest average tenure with one company of any installers in the industry, and our seasoned account managers are highly-experienced at helping clients select the rental supplies best-suited to their needs. Learn More About SONCO


Custom Manufacturing

Custom Manufacturing

Good suppliers don’t just offer modifications, they offer expertise and know-how that helps troubleshoot design, manufacturing, and product acceptance. We put our reputation on the line and the best heads of our team to create benefits to our clients.

Given the improvements in technology and processes, manufacturing is becoming a bit more complex and exciting allowing us to take on more and more work that we would have never envisioned before. These include smaller jobs with higher requirements which result in the production of custom products, tools, and materials to be produced to meet very specific needs and functions.

Sonco is more than you see on the web store; we are also specialized in custom manufacturing. We have developed a lot of products designed to meet our customer requests at very affordable prices. When receiving a request for custom manufacturing and engineering, we work towards satisfying and respecting our customer’s wishes. At Sonco, we fully respect our clients' confidentiality and have non-disclosure agreements in place to protect intellectual property.

For all inquiries, feel free to contact us with your designs and drawings.

Industrial Manufacturing: Tapping knowledge to create competitive advantages

Specialized in industrial production for many years, we developed and strengthened our competencies in producing:

  • Steel: Recognized site furnishings manufacturer, we master all the techniques to manufacture products made of steel, cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel products. Thanks to our numerous factories and skilled engineers, we can take care of any special need  you might have.

  • Display Innovation: Since 2013, we have been partnering up with major suppliers of covers, banners, screens and signs in the US, and all over the world to deliver vividly printed products with vibrant colors . Thanks to our ability to control every step of the production from the concept/ design to delivery with gateway approval process in order to make sure your product is manufactured to perfection. 

  • Plastic: We also produce several plastic products: PVC (traffic & safety cones), polyurethane (flexible delineators) and polyethylene (traffic delineator posts). We developed several production processes like injection, rotational or blow molding.

Why use Sonco for your custom manufacturing needs

High Quality
The best products in the market backed by a 40-year leadership.
Save Money
Our vertical integration with manufacturing will give you access to unbelievable prices
All Sonco products are backed by a 1-year warranty against any fabrication defects so you can rest for sure that we are here to serve you.
Plenty of Experience
We design, source, and manufacture nearly everything we offer.

We will be happy to create the product you wish for. We take care of the whole process from designing to shipping. With our know-how and expertise, we are your reliable partner when it comes to Custom Manufacturing!

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