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SONCO Event & Construction Rentals is a trusted provider of crowd control barriers, temporary fence, traffic safety equipment, and other quality rental supplies. We have been efficiently securing job sites and events of all sizes for over 40 years. Our rental installers have the longest average tenure with one company of any installers in the industry, and our seasoned account managers are highly-experienced at helping clients select the rental supplies best-suited to their needs. Learn More About SONCO


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Producing a successful event depends on many factors. One of the most important concerns is crowd management. Major events, whether outdoor festivals, sporting events, expos, or celebrations, need to prioritize security for attendees and staff. Crowd control ropes and stanchions will help with lines, but at Sonco, we also carry more robust barriers to control foot and vehicular traffic. We have traffic barricades, stage barriers, and all the accessories you need to keep your site safe. To help you direct traffic and people, use standard or custom signage that works with your crowd control stanchions.

In addition to securing your event, keep it looking great by featuring your sponsors’ messages. Custom covers for crowd management products like fencing and barricades spruce up the atmosphere and tie together security with your theme. Tents, banners and flags custom printed with your artwork or logos will bring the message to each visitor. Crowd control stanchions can be fitted with signs or product displays. To keep the aesthetic going, choose from a wide variety of materials and colors for your crowd control ropes. Whatever you need, in any style or color, we can produce it for you.

Event production is a big responsibility. Crowd control ropes are just the beginning of your security efforts. You need a supplier you trust to get you durable, reliable, and cost-effective crowd management tools. At Sonco, we rigorously design and test all our products to ensure the highest quality. Whether you need crowd control stanchions, steel barricades, temporary fence, stage barriers, or custom printing at the right size, trust Sonco to get you the best products for every event.

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